Using Fabric To Bring Your
Rooms To Life



Fabric Treatments 

Draperies will always be in fashion.  They can bring warmth and style into any room.  From the basic pinch pleat to the new fashionable headings including more variations of style.  New pleats such as single, inverted, inverted butterfly pleats, goblet and slouch headings. Top Treatments such as swags, upholstered cornices, balloon, pole wrapped swags, can put the finishing touch to any room. Fabrics can be called the soul of interior design, and rightly so. Decorator fabrics breathe life and human qualities into spaces that often are hard, cold and noisy without them. Fabrics are important to the success of most interiors because they contribute essential qualities such as visual richness, touch sensation, sound absorption, privacy, emotional security and energy consciousness. By keeping the three elements of design in mind, color, pattern and texture, during the selection process you are sure to be pleased with the outcome.


Custom Bedspreads

We also offer a wide array of beautiful decorative custom bed-coverings to fit even the most unusual shape and size bed. You can choose from a variety of quilting patterns and fabrics to fit any lifestyle. Accessorize by adding custom shams, pillows, upholstered headboards, bed skirts, table rounds, shower curtains, canopies and upholstered shirred mirror frames.