Interior Shutters

Wood Shutters

We have been selling shutters in this area since 1986 and have become very selective as to the brand of shutter that we use.  So many of the brands available on the market today do not have the beauty and the durability to last against the sun's beating rays or be able to withstand being so close to the water as we are here along theh Gulf Coast.  That is why we have chosen to offer a brand of shutter that is unsurpassed and time tested.  Woodfold, through its many years of experience in manufacturing hardwood products has selected Western Alder as the hardwood for its custom shutter line, Western Alder is a fine-grained hardwood, similar to cherry, birch and maple, all of which are noted for outstanding machining and finishing characteristics.  To manufacture shutters of distinction, there are the qualities required of a hardwood.  There are many louver sizes to choose from.  The Traditional 1 ¼ inch, to the Broadview, available in 1 7/8, 2 ½, 3 ½, 4 1/2 and 5 ½ inch louvers.  There are also a variety of frames and finishes available.  We also offer an Accordion Bi-Fold Door by Woodfold that is engineered for strength with a unique Hardware Hinge system for residential and commercial applications.


Vinyl Shutters

Our Vinyl Shutter has durability and strength and is made from the highest quality out-door grade vinyl, guaranteed for 15 years. They are not effected by humidity and moisture found in your home. They are available in 2 ¼ inch or 3 1/4 inch louvers with a choice of three frame styles in either white or cream.