Vertical Blinds

We have manufactured our own Vertical Blinds since 1984 with the Auto-Rotate feature that is activated when the traverse cord is pulled. This allows the vanes to automatically open as the blind is being drawn to avoid jamming. We use a heavy-duty aluminum headrail and scissor action carriers that provides a shorter turning ratio when pulling the rotation chain. The stems of the carriers can be changed out without taking the headrail down allowing maintenance friendly servicing.

We use a wide selection of louvers from Textured Vinyl to Fabric Inserts. The Standard Vertical Valance that covers the headrail is of a sturdy L-Shaped construction. We have a wide variety of styles of Valances to choose from showing the latest fashion trends.

ADO Fabric-Wrapped Verticals

We also have a selection of Ado-Wrap Vertical Blinds that are wrapped with a sheer fabric that gives a softer look to the blind. There are several selections of Sheer Fabric to choose from. This look provides you with the convenience of the vertical blind and the look of draperies. The fabric can be easily removed from the blind and is machine washable allowing the convenience and ease of care. Only Ado fabrics have the exclusive Euro-Hem along the bottom. The weighted bottom makes the perfect finish for a wrap. There are no worries of ripping the gem out when laundering and re-hanging. You can finish the look with a soft-top treatment to coordinate with your décor.